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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

WOW Quads!!!!

I thought yesterday was a busy day, We had 8 kids drop. Today was even busier, 11 kids, and definitely amazing. We topped it off with a new mom dropping quads!! Yikes. 2 were on the very low end of normal and 2 were absolutely tiny. 1.8 lb. and 2.25 lb. So lots of encouraging to nurse needed. Poor mom, she couldn't even stand up for a couple of hours. Fortunately we were able to put one of the kids on a mom who had lost her kid to help carry the load. We pray they all make it through the night.

Keep checking for updates.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

fleece and kids

   I have received my histograms back from Yocom McColl, with positive results. Histograms were done on all our 2 and 3 year old does and bucks. 36 in all. This means that we have an unbiased assessment of the quality fiber each animal is producing. This will help in our breeding program which means you will be able to have confidence in the animals you select for your herd.
   Which brings us to kidding time. We are one week away from the first due dates. Looking forward to all those bundles of joy. There is nothing quite like having a bunch of little baby goats to fill your day with laughter and amazement. I find it interesting how we call our human children 'kids'  and how much the similarities in their antics are to the goat  kids. Whoever applied that expression to human children must have had goats as well.